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Additional Services

Progressive Delivery

The array of additional services available from is wide-ranging and includes the option of getting papers delivered progressively i.e. in drafts or parts. In the event you have an assignment that is fairly long, e.g., ten or twenty pages in single or double-spacing respectively, progressive delivery makes these assignments more manageable.

Benefits of having orders delivered in drafts or parts:

  • Every paper is written by a highly skilled writer and edited by a professional editor. 
  • While some orders can be difficult to track, this method makes this process easier since the customer receives their papers in individual parts. This means they have time to approve each part or request revisions before they finally have to submit an entire paper.
  • Progressive delivery gives the customer more time to request revisions – a whole 30 days instead of the usual 2 days they are allowed with other delivery methods.
  • Once a customer places their order, one of our competent managers takes charge of it to ensure it is completed satisfactorily. It is also the responsibility of this manager to make sure there is prompt and effective communication between all parties i.e. the person who placed the order and the writer who works on it.

How this method works:*:

  • The deadline allowed = 4 (four) days (or a shorter period): A volume of 25% of the order is delivered to the customer upon reaching half or 50% the original deadline. (Example: the customer receives 8 pages upon expiration of 2 days of deadline where the total order is for 32 pages and the original deadline is 4 days.)      
  • The deadline = 5 to 11 days: Two volumes (25% and 50%) of the order is delivered to the customer upon reaching quarter and half (25% and 50%) of the original deadline.  
  • The deadline allowed = 12 days or more: Three volumes (25%, 50%, 75%) of the order is delivered to the customer upon reaching quarter, half, and three-quarters (25%, 50%, 75%) of the original deadline.

The cost of this service is just a little more than normal delivery methods i.e. +15% more!  

* There may be times when the particulars of an order or your own preferences means this method does not suit you. If this is the case, you should contact the manager who is overseeing your order. That person will work with you to devise a suitable method of delivering your order.    

Need to Extend the Revision Time?

One of the guarantees you get from is the offer of free revisions. The normal revision time is 48 hours but we can extend this to 14 days by way of our “revision extension” service.

Need a Draft of the Paper You Ordered?

At, we can provide a one-page draft of any paper you order upon reaching 50% of your original deadline. You may choose between two draft types, e.g., a 600-word draft in single-spacing or a 300-word draft in double-spacing. Example: where an original deadline is set at 8 days, we can provide a draft upon expiration of 4 days of this time.

Need a Summary of the Paper You Ordered?

Customers of can also ask us to provide them with a one-page summary (comprised of 300 words and showing an entire text’s main points) of any paper they order. These are something we recommend to individuals who are required to make live presentations of work they have done.