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Privacy Policy

We note that you have chosen to browse our site and read about what we do. We appreciate your time and effort. The most important activity of our administration team is making certain your personal data is maintained in a secure and confidential manner and without threat of loss, theft misuse or other danger. This article describes what data we gather and what benefit we get from it.

To render the best possible assistance to customers, we collect information about those who use our various services and those who browse our site to learn about what we do. The information collected includes the time the user accesses our site and what type of technology they use i.e. what web browsers and operating systems are their computers using.

There is no danger that this level of information will reveal an individual’s identity. Moreover, it is against the ethos of our company to sell this (or other data) to third parties or to reveal, share or distribute the information we collect through any channel. The data is, however, accessible to our staff and is only used to:

  • Tailor and perfect the data we present on our website
  • Improve the content on our website and the way it is laid out

Use of Cookies

Our website uses cookies for the following purposes:

  • To develop navigation that is seamless and user-friendly
  • To amass data for statistical analysis e.g. data about how frequently our site is used, when visitors access our site, and so on

Why Do We Ask for Contact Information?

To use our services you will need to register on our site. To facilitate order processing we will ask for your first and last name, email address and telephone number at this point. Because we may need to use the information you provide to try and contact you about issues related to your order, it is crucial the details you provide are up-to-date and correct.    

Transaction/Payment Processing  

We offer our customers secure payment processing systems that present no risk of their billing data being revealed, lost or stolen. To further protect customers from online fraud, our finance staff may ask you for proof of identity.            

What about Customer Rights?

You are welcome to contact our support staff if you need any changes made to your profile information, e.g., if you want any items deleted, corrected or updated.