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This whole activity of looking online for term paper writing can be rather tricky and, as well, risky. Because of the ever-increasing demand for custom online essay products, there has been a resultant explosion of writing service websites, all offering great writing for an amazingly cheap essay price. It is difficult to know which services are trustworthy and which are completely fraudulent.

Some Pitfalls

Cheap essay term paper services usually provide plagiarized writing to unsuspecting students. This is one reason why their prices are so cheap. If you buy term paper online products from one of these cheap services, you will expose yourself to charges of plagiarism and all of the punitive consequences related to such a charge. It is easy for instructors and professors to check for plagiarism since software scan programs are now used by all institutions.

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Another common problem is that many term paper writing services are based in non-English speaking countries. They use poor students in their countries to prepare academic writing for English-speaking students, and the results can be horrible. These students work for very low wages, access databases of pre-written and pre-sold works, and then attempt to cut and paste a final product for a customer. The structure is so poor that the work cannot possibly be submitted.

An additional issue relative to many services that offer term papers for sale is meeting deadlines. Often, the deadline is not a priority for these companies, and there is no recourse for the customer when delivery is late.

Often, writing services actually do produce academic works of merit. The problem arises when they re-sell these products over and over again, and they then show up in a plagiarism scan. Again, the student loses!

The Solution

If you have multiple end-of-term research paper assignments, you obviously need help. The key is to locate an ethical and reliable company that will meet your needs in a scholarly and academically-sound manner. This will take some careful research on your part, but it will be research that is well worth the time and effort. Once you find the one service that is truly professional, you can use it for the remainder of your academic career. We believe that such a service is, and here’s why.

  1.  We believe in full transparency and communication. You may contact us through a variety of methods – telephone, email, live chat, and you will always find a professional customer care staff member to respond – 24 hours a day! When you converse with live people, we believe, you understand that we are a real service, providing real essay term paper products;
  2. We insist that you provide full details of your order. You may not simply say “Write a term paper on the civil War.” We must know your academic level; we must know the length requirement; we must know how many and what types of source material you are to use; we must know which format style your instructor requires. We also need to know if there is some aspect of the Civil War that is the focus of your paper and its purpose (informative, persuasive, etc.). Only then we can produce the correct term paper writing for you need;
  3. We assign a personal and qualified writer. You and this writer will communicate through a message board on a personal account we set up for you. When you and your writer talk, you both understand what progress is being made, and you eliminate misunderstandings;
  4. We are also happy to talk with you at any time. If you have questions, need a quote for a specific piece of writing (we produce all types of academic writing), feel free to contact us 24 hours a day. Someone will always respond promptly;
  5. We guarantee your satisfaction. We provide a plagiarism-scan report to prove authenticity; we allow unlimited revisions until you are happy; we will deliver on time; we will never let you down!

How to Order

  1.  Log-on to our site. Talk with a customer care representative and provide all of the details of your term paper writing need. Or, you may complete the order form on the site and submit it;
  2. We will review the details and assign the most appropriate writer. At this point, we will contact you and request payment. Payment methods are standard for any online purchase, and we protect your financial information with full security;
  3. We set up your personal account and put you in contact with your writer;
  4. Once completed, your custom term paper is delivered via your personal account and, as well, through your personal email;
  5. You look over the product and request any revision, all of which are completed at no charge.
  6. You submit your work in confidence!


Of course, when you buy term paper online products, price is an important consideration. We understand the financial constraints under which students operate, and we have truly tried to keep pricing as reasonable as possible for the quality of writers we employ. You will know your price up front, and it is fixed. Unlike cheap term paper writing services, we do not add extra fees on as a surprise. Our term paper writing begins at $10 per page and progresses upward since the academic level and complexity increase and as the deadline urgency becomes more severe. It is only fair that student who request high school term paper writing, completed by a writer with a bachelor’s degree will pay less than a Ph.D. candidate who needs a major complex research project, involving primary sources and statistical data analysis. Contact our customer service department for a free pricing quote! has been serving students the world over for many years. Over time, we have refined our terms, policies, and practices, so that we are now perhaps the premier writing service on the Internet. Most of our customers are long-term, that is to say, they began with us some time ago and continue to use our services today. You, too, can find your academic writing “home” at Place an order today and you will never use other term paper writing services again.