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A Campus Problem

Our education cannot exist without campuses and colleges. They are an integral part of it. They provide students with the opportunity to gain knowledge, find new friends, and have social interaction with tutors and peers. Despite of all advantages there are many problems with it. For example, campuses and colleges have many problems that negatively affect the surrounding neighborhoods. My one is not an exception.

Society has historically seen college campuses as safe heavens where the most noxious behavior likely to occur is no more than a playful prank. Although many people think so, since 1980s a rise in alcohol and drug related arrests, sexual assaults, hate – motivated crimes and computer crimes have emerged and dominated campus crime statistics (Forest, James and Kinser 105). My college has some problems connected with alcohol related arrest too. In my opinion, it has a bad impact on a neighborhood, because college campuses have been always treated as places in which young people can find the examples of ideal behavior. Moreover, there is clear links between alcohol and violence. The Core Institute reports that almost half of all college students experience violence on campus and alcohol is almost always involved (Nicoletti, Spencer-Thomas and Bollinger 50). That’s why the second significant problem of my campus that negatively influence surrounding neighborhood is the rise of violence between students. As for me, this problem does not only destroy moral values of students but also bring fear to the people who live in surrounding territory.

In addition, there are many other of my college that have negative impact on surrounding neighborhood. Firstly, it is a lack of parking spaces. Secondly, it is an increased traffic during the beginning and end of school day. Thirdly, it is deafening noise that a great number of students in the campus area produce. Although, it seems that these problems are not as important as previous ones, they also bring many inconveniences in the life of people from the neighborhood.

To sum up, colleges have a serious negative impact on the neighborhood. Only by joint efforts we can change this sad situation.