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Hutchins and Perennialism


The article addressed the issue of problems which arose in the life of Robert Maynard Hutchins. Robert was a tall and fairlooking man with nice personality. He

always strongly asserted his point of view. Being kind and soft in nature, Robert never participated in negative issues. In the nineteenth century, Robert gained the rank of a university president. He worked for the students’ union, law professors, and administration of the university. He liked to introduce the plans and strategies which could prove to be fruitful for the progress and prosperity of the university. He stressed on taking severe steps to make sure that the university is on its way to prosperity. The educational facilities in the university premises were likely to be of high standards according to Robert Maynard.

Education is an inevitable part of progress in today’s era. The word “education” implies knowing or gaining information about the thing around us. For the last two centuries, education has been considered the backbone in the progress and development of any nation or country. It is education that has provided us with the chances of getting more and more facilities in the form of furniture, entertainment, food, better healthcare and medicines to cure the dangerous diseases.

Nevertheless, the real issue is how to make sure that quality education is readily available to all the children around the globe. We should take all steps to make it possible that standard education of science and technology becomes common and reachable for the student communities in all parts of the world, even the third world countries. To address this issue, Robert took serious steps during his presidency of the university. He was fully involved in analyzing the solution to the education-related problems. He faced many hurdles, which have been discussed in a story form in the given article, when reaching his aim of achieving the high standards of education for the children around the globe.

He will always be missing the chance of reading English newspapers, watching good quality television shows, and there will be many negative aspects arising in his life. So, it is the duty of every government and official body to make their curriculum as per the international standards. Quality education at affordable fees is one of the basic rights of all the children and youngsters in the world. So, no one should be left without it.