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Healthy Food

It is very important to pay a lot of attention to the way children eat because their health depends on it. The eating style of young children determines their eating habits when they grow up; this is why it has a long-term effect on people’s lives. People try to provide their children with everything they want, but sometimes parents overdo it and spoil children with too many things; food being one of them. Starting from a young age, children are being fed in a wrong way which leads to health problems, obesity and addiction to food because young people literally cannot stop eating and make the matters even worse. This is why I have decided to make a presentation on Childhood Nutrition Policy because I consider this topic extremely important in modern society. I realize that my audience is my classmates, and most of them already have certain eating preferences and traits. On the other hand, it is extremely important and useful for them to know how to eat well and what problems may arise whenever they eat bad food in wrong amounts. I started my presentation by explaining the reason for creating it. I explained the importance of Childhood Nutrition Policy because it focuses on a very widespread problem which should be solved. I focused on the ways in which this policy was implemented. I gave the background of that policy then, explaining why it was considered so important and urgent. Then, I explained how the policy could be applied. I focused on few levels in which the policy was implemented, and one of these levels could be used even by classmates. It means that they can change their eating habits on the personal level which already would be a huge improvement because students would do a lot for their health. Another level includes local and federal implementations; it means regulating childhood eating habits in schools and other institutions, and also providing federal support of this policy’s program. In the end of my presentation, I gave the main conclusion which could be used by students and their parents. It states that both parents and children have to pay a lot of attention to what they eat; they should not eat a lot of junk food, do many physical exercises and remember about the importance of being healthy.

By the end of my presentation, I want my audience to reevaluate its eating habits and to think whether the food my classmates eat is healthy. I want my classmates to realize the importance of being healthy and eating proper food, and to start paying more attention to the food they usually eat and order in restaurants. The structure of my presentation is indirect because I give my main point in the conclusion while I give a lot of background information before so the audience may think about it deeply. This presentation is extremely important because everyone can relate to it, and healthy food is something everybody should eat if he or she wants to remain healthy and well.