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What Makes You a Good Medical Campus Ambassador?

Each person in his/her life has some plans and dreams. My dream is to be an ambassador at Miami Dade College Medical Campus. Now, being a participant of the nursing scholarship program, I am writing this essay. In order to materialize this dream I have set some goals, but to reach these aims I should have suitable skills, appropriate instruments and necessary resources. Only at the end I will be able to estimate the results and set sequential goals.

So, I can be a good medical campus ambassador because I have strong interpersonal skills. I am active and energetic, willing to participate in different events and I receive a great pleasure from public speaking, communication with people and presentation of the campus. My community minded feature (Cohen, Bailey, 1997, p. 254-260) will become a winning trait because it confirms that I can work in a team, with a team and for a team (here I mean working with students, teachers, guests of the campus and others). This ability helps me to develop outgoing relationships and is such a way to build my career.

In addition, I have necessary instruments to achieve the dream. I possess the ability to take responsibility for independent projects; I have inner self-motivation, creativity and initiative to manage these projects. I am curious to any work and use my analytical and problem-solving abilities to perform different tasks.

I have the necessary resources. I have received good marks, and they satisfy the Program’s requirements. I am proud of my achievements but want to be more successful. It proves my ambitions for the future, and this is an important feature of a person willing to differ from others. And I differ because not everybody is a campus ambassador.

I am confident in my desire to be a medical campus ambassador at Miami Dade College. I do believe that I have all the necessary skills to do this.