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Health Care and Safety of Patients

The recommended citation of this article was, Shojania KG, Duncan BW, McDonald KM, et al., eds. Making Health Care Safer: ACritical Analysis of Safety of patients Practices. Evidence Report/Technology Assessment No. 43 (Prepared by the University of California at San Francisco–Stanford Evidence-based Practice Center under Contract No. 290-97-0013), AHRQ Publication No. 01-E058, Rockville, MD: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. July 2001(Shojania, 2001).

Shojania et al. (2001) was a reliable professional resource for Health Care and Safety of Patient related courses. It was published in response to rising attention towards safety of patients. It focused on the sources of errors and unwanted events, and not on practices that reduced such events. It aimed to collect and review the available materials on practices that were important to increasingsafety of patients. It defined safety of patients’ practices.

It focused primarily on hospitalized patients, but some involved nursing homes or ambulatory patients.Data collected included literature consisting of controlled observational studies, clinical trials and systematic reviews found in the peer-reviewed medical literature. It identified practices that were likely to improve healthcare and safety of patients. To get this article, I used Google as the search engine. Among the Google products I selected Google scholar by selecting more tab. Out of the option that were available, I selected Even More. Google products were displayed. Finally, I selected Google scholar. I typed ‘health care and safety of patients’ and Shojania et al.( 2001) was among the results.

It was very useful especially in identifying factors that contribute to quality healthcare and safety of patients. Its findings and recommendations for reporting and responding to safety of patients problems were worth noting. Strategies identified in achieving safety of patients’ targets are recommendable for all health professionals. Hospital managers and administrations can find Promoting and Implementing Safety Practices section useful to improve their performance.