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Transport Recommendation for Caster Guitars

Judging from the proximity of Mexico to the United States, the most convenient means of transport would be the intermodal transport that will comprise of trains, ships, and trucks. These three methods of transportation are cost effective and appropriate for transporting of bulky items. In Mexico and the U.S (the countries in the Northern America), goods are normally shipped or railed in container sized flat cars. Once the cargo reaches its destination, containers are transported by trucks from the port to the established place as it is the most convenient method. Trains are considered fast and inexpensive, while the ships are slow but cheap.

In Asia, the most convenient mode of transport is cargo ships. Recently the cost of shipping goods has increased as a result of increased charges for containers’ transportation. , However, railway is not an option considering the cost. Taking into account the long distance between the two continents and the fact that the goods will be transported through various routes that trespass other continents, cargo ships are the most suitable method of transportation. Shipping is less costly but more risky and time consuming. However, it is the most cost effective solution.

Global factors refer to the different international environments. For instance, while shipping goods from Asia to the US during a peak season, there might be a price hike due to the shortage of containers. Technological factors relate to the ever changing technology. For instance, the Caster Guitars’ could market their products on the internet or through social media. The social cultural factors involve the different cultural practices. For instance, different cultures like different designs of the guitar. That is why the advertisements should be tailored to capture audiences from different cultural backgrounds. The competitive factors relate to the competitors’ goods. The company, therefore, should employ marketing strategies that would compete with the rest; for instance, the company can gain a competitive advantage by offering lower prices for high quality products.