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Application of Technology in Cooking 

Better cooking through technology

The research has shown that the technology of better cooking is in its high demand. Teams from New York and Chicago, the United States, and even from Brazil have come up with new research books on better cooking methods. Modernist Cuisine is a book which contains so many volumes which explains about better cooking methods. In comparison to other books, the volume introduces food pathogens and its safety, while other contains the basic food science information and the ingredients. In conclusion, the research has found that better food cooking technology makes the process of cooking easier.

How to Barbeque

Barbeque is a method used for char grilling food in hot charcoal. Barbeque grill has two options: the gas and charcoal; they have merits and demerits. With a charcoal option, it is cheaper and easier to transport food and it fills food with its special flavor. Gas grills are easy to use: the temperatures are able to regulate, while the heat is clean. The demerits are dangerous and difficult in use. Food, which can be barbequed include ribs of beef and pork, fish, sausages, and hot dogs. The techniques used in barbequing comprise of methods as smoking, baking and braising. In conclusion, barbeque has been so helpful to man because it is one if the best methods of cooking food in the technology of better cooking; nevertheless, the disadvantages of using a barbeque are that it is not authentic: the storage of dangerous propane tanks might be collected around.