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When students are enrolling in new educational establishment they need to understand the process of education very quickly. That is why universities must have an effective plan, which can help all prospective students to have access to the information they require. In fact, the web is the third most important source of information about the university, following campus visit and conversation with current students (Khosrowpour, 2001). Therefore, it is necessary to evaluate the usefulness of the university web pages and describe several services, which may be useful for prospective students.

First of all, it is important to assure that all prospective students need to have free access to the information they need. University website is the main source of information for all students. That is why they should always be convenient and simple so that students would able to choose degree they want to pursue. University webpage should also include description of classes, which are offered to students as well as extracurricular activities available at campuses.

However, there are certain mistakes at some university web pages. For example, some university websites contain a lot of useful information, but in a much unorganized way. Thus, students are unable to find the specialty they need or the main requirements or documents they need to send. There are also web pages, which are too simple and do not contain enough information for the student. For example, it is important to have pictures of university campus so that students would not have to travel to the school. Virtual tours around the campus are also very popular and quite useful nowadays.

Secondly, there are other important services, which can help prospective students. For instance, university forums can be very helpful. Thus, they can allow prospective students to communicate and receive advice from those students, who already study in university. In addition, students should also have an ability to contact the university staff. In addition, the webpage should not require registration, because it is a long process and usually unnecessary and most people try to avoid it. Although, it might be useful if students had an option to leave their email on the webpage in order to receive latest updates about the university.

All in all, educational establishments must have an effective plan, which can help all prospective students to have access to the information they need. However, not all web pages can be quite convenient. That is why it is important to include description of classes and necessary university requirements. At the same time, the webpage should not be overloaded with unnecessary information and contain pictures of campus. Different student forums are also very helpful. Therefore, each university needs to develop effective services for their prospective students.