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I write this letter to you because I want everyone to know how great your college paper writing is. Hopefully, you will publish this on your site.

I began college filled with enthusiasm and energy. Finally, I thought, I would have more time to spend on my studies than in high school, where I had to stay in school 6 ½ hours every day, then stay after school for some activities and only have late evenings for school work. My social life was pretty dull too.

Imagine my surprise to find that college life is more hectic and stressful than high school was. The out-of-class assignments are strenuous and long – lots of reading, written assignments, mid-term and final exams, and those terrible research paper assignments that come up in every course. I was not a “happy camper.” Other students are in the same situation.

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I knew I needed to find someone to do my paper writing, and I decided to go online and see if there were some writing services I could use. Actually, there are thousands of them, but you probably already know that. Anyway, I chose one for its cheap essay price and decided to buy a psychology research paper for starters. Imagine my distress when I got back a paper that was so disjointed I couldn’t every figure out the point. It looked like someone had just taken pieces from a bunch of different papers and pasted them together for one that met my length request. My next horror story comes from a totally different online essay service. This time I told them that I needed a college term paper on the reasons for American intervention into the Vietnam conflict. A few hours later I received my paper. It had been obviously put together by a foreigner because the English was so bad, I couldn’t use it. I don’t know whether the resources were legitimate or not because I couldn’t use the paper at all. I gave up trying to find a service to write my paper assignments.

Toward the middle of second semester, when the assignment for essay research papers started popping up again, I complained to another student in my dorm. She told me about – you guys – and said that you wrote all of her assignments, and she always got great grades. We both have professors whose teaching assistants have to run each essay and paper through the school’s Copyscape program to check for plagiarism. She told me that she had never been charged with plagiarism. From then on, I have used you for all of my writing. All I have to do is say, ‘Write my paper’ give you the details, and I am thrilled with what I get from you. My grades are always A’s and B’s, and this has really helped my GPA.

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I have told many others about your service, and I would say that at least 10 of them use you exclusively just as I do. Whenever I need someone to do my paper, I contact you, and I am never disappointed. I feel so relieved that this’monkey’ is off my back now, and I can actually relax and have some free time to myself.

I know that there may be other online essay services that may be as good as you, but I am taking no chances. I do not want to buy college paper writing from anyone else, now that I know I have someone I can trust and depend on to do it right.

In closing, I just want to say thank you for being an honest company. With so much fraud on the Internet, it’s nice to know that there are still “good guys” like you out there. I am planning on continuing through a Master’s degree in broadcast journalism, so you will be hearing from me for several years to come. Thanks again and please don’t ever change. I am happy to buy essay research papers from you and I am happy to pay just a little more for quality and integrity.

Sincerely, Susan M.

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