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Best Medical Research Paper Topics for Students

Best Medical Research Paper Topics for Students

As a rule, students face great challenges when they need to come up with medical research paper topics for their medical essay. Really, writing a paper in medical field may be tricky in both finding a creative and interesting topic as well as conducting an in-depth research. There are numerous topics that will require not only some days but a few weeks of thorough preparation. On the other hand, there are many topics that will seem boring for most of your listeners or readers. Another challenge hidden behind the choice of topics is that you will not definitely like to repeat the topics college students are choosing each year. Therefore, we have created a list of topics that might be interesting for you to explore:

1. Antibiotics:

  • Their history and discovery;
  • Background studies/ experiments that led to their discovery;
  • Their most widespread types;
  • Their application in the modern medicine.

All in all, this research topic may seem simple at first sight, but it may turn out really interesting as in the process of preparation you will definitely find out many interesting facts.

2. Diseases of the modern epoch:

  • Classification and types of diseases specifically inherent in the modern society;
  • The main reasons and background for their development;

Here it is advisable to choose one group of diseases, one specific disease or 2-3 related diseases and provide a well-researched paper.

3. Processed foods:

  • Their overall impact on people’s health;
  • Connection between processed and sugary food with some illnesses formerly considered to be merely genetic.

This topic will definitely interest your readers.

4. The obesity plague

  • Why should people be alert about this persistent problem in the modern society?
  • What does it signify?
  • What are the reasons for it (you might consider addressing psychological reasons as well);
  • How can the disease be prevented and eradicated?

5. Autism

  • What are the general misconceptions and biases regarding the issue?
  • How can it be treated?
  • In what ways and spheres can children with autism be talented or special?

6. Diabetes and insulin resistance

  • What are the reasons why diabetes became a widespread problem in the society?
  • Why are people diagnosed with the disease more and more often? 
  • What alternative treatments are possible?

7. Smoking and its hidden dangers

  • Consider the core dangers of smoking.
  • How can teenagers be prevented from being susceptible to this deteriorating habit?
  • How to warn people effectively against the negative smoking effects?

8. Vaccination

  • Should parents have the right to refuse from children’s vaccination?
  • What are the reasons why parents are so alert regarding children’s vaccination?
  • What are the dangers of not vaccinating children? How doctors can better explain and inform parents on the necessity of vaccination?
  • Make sure to express your own opinion and provide a well-developed argument on the topic.

9. Social Anxiety

  • The hidden problem of anxiety: how can it affect people even without their knowing?
  • Why are many teens and youths susceptible to anxiety and even panic attacks?
  • How can you help a person (your friend, group mate, etc.) identify the signs of social anxiety and further overcome the problem?

10. Cardiovascular diseases

  • Choose one specific disease or a group of related diseases and provide a well-developed research on the topic.
  • What are the main reasons why people are suffering from cardiovascular diseases?
  • Can this negative “trend” be somehow changed?

11. Alternative medicine

  • Provide details and benefits of this type of medicine.
  • Are there any convincing facts supporting the positive effects of alternative medicine? Provide clear examples.
  • What are the disadvantages?
  • Why is alternative medication such a sensitive and controversial topic nowadays?

12. Organ transplant

  • Analyze the topic from the ethical and moral perspectives.
  • What challenges can occur?
  • What are the risks of unsuccessful procedure?

13. Gastric bypass

  • You may find a lot of interesting facts on this subject as this kind of operation became rather widespread recently. 

14. Alzheimer’s disease

  • What can be done to prevent the disease or at least postpone it?
  • How can the patient’s family members and friends be given psychological support and guidance while facing this problem?
  • What are the symptoms and how the disease can be recognized on its early stages?


  • How to eradicate discrimination in the society regarding people living with AIDS?
  • How to properly inform the society concerning the disease contraction and transmission?

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